You MUST create a sense of potential loss and reward when they seek validation. This will allow her to fully appreciate the value of the relationship. 

You MUST give each other space. Seeing each other as much as possible will create too much comfort! When you reach a point of "discomfort" in life, that is when you realize you're making progress.

The first rule to keeping your girlfriend happy is to always call back when she asks you to.

Always get a small gift on every holiday. Not like Presidents Day but like Easter and Halloween. (Just a Hershey bar is fine)

Tell her secrets.

Don't tell her about other unrelated girls.

Don't lie to her EVER. This could cause her not to trust you.

If a friend is teasing her take her side or no side.

Always show up for a party 20 min early.

Tell her how much you care about her often.

Don't flirt, she will find out.

Make her laugh, try at least every time you see her.

One way to her heart is through her friends too, so try to make them happy.

Take her out to eat and not let her pay for anything.

Tell her she is beautiful, don't overdo it. Do it when she least expects it. If you say it too many times than it will be meaningless.

Just be yourself.

If at any time she asks you "Do these make me look fat?" just look her dead in the eyes and say no. This is the only case in which you can violate rule 7.

Never ignore her . NEVER

If she is not feeling good try to spend time with her and make her feel good

Don't leave her waiting. Girls hate to wait for someone.

Let her know that she is special. Many girls are insecure and it helps them to know that you care about them.

Take her somewhere new. Many girls will get bored if you take them to the same place time after time (unless it's a special place for the both of you) so mix it up a little.

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